Build Progress

We are so excited to finally have the builders on site. It has been a long process but Eilidh’s dream is now in its first stage of becoming a reality and we can begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. John McLeod and his workforce have started with the huge task of ground work. There is a lot to do as we need to channel all utilities to the site and the first job is to get a road in place. We will keep you posted with updates as things progress. Building is only the first phase of Eilidh’s dream. The next phase and arguably the most important is just starting now. We need to ensure that we continue to raise funds so we can reach out and welcome as many families as possible for 50 weeks of every year. This is going to take approximately £30,000 every year to achieve. We know you have shown unbelievable support up to now but we still need your help and so do thousands of children throughout the UK who are suffering every day. We can’t thank you enough for all the support and kindness that you have already shown us and we hope you will continue with us, on our journey, to make Eilidh’s dream of helping others become a reality.