Amazing Garden thanks to National Lottery

The Eilidh Brown Memorial Fund, is today celebrating after being awarded almost £10,000 in National Lottery funding to support its work to provide a holiday in the new Eilidh Brown Holiday Home for children living with/ survived cancer The charity, based in  Thornhill just outside of Stirling will use the cash to complete the garden project before the house is officially opened to welcome the first family

Eilidh Brown Memorial Fund  has been running since 2011 and is staffed mainly by 4 volunteers. It was founded by Gordon and Nicole Brown after their daughter Eilidh passed away from cancer in March 2010.  It was Eilidh’s dream that she would like to build a holiday home for children living with cancer so they could spend quality time with their parents, siblings and wider family to reconnect after the trauma of cancer treatment.  Gordon and Nicole have worked tirelessly since then to raise funds to build this home on the outskirts of Thornhill.  The home had been planned to be finished and opened by early summer 2020 but due to the covid pandemic the build had to be put on hold.  It has started again and they hope to have the house and garden completed by Autumn ready to welcome the first family in early 2021.

The home will offer much needed quality time for families to connect and spend time together after the grueling treatment that the child has had to endure.  Cancer does not just affect the child going through it but the whole family.  Eilidh Brown Memorial Fund will offer the families 1 week’s holiday in this fantastic new home and garden. 

The new funding from The National Lottery Community Fund, which distributes money raised by National Lottery players for good causes and is the largest community funder in the UK, will allow the garden project to be completed.  We have a local company on standby to start the garden project with help from many volunteers in the community to maintain it.

Gordon Brown, founder of The Eilidh Brown Memorial Fund, says: “We’re delighted that The National Lottery Community Fund has recognised our work in this way. Now, thanks to National Lottery players we will be able to press on with our plans to finish the house and garden and be ready to welcome the first family in early 2021.  This is so important because it helps both the children and the parents to build stronger relationships with each other spend quality time together away from the pressures of a hospital environment and have fun together as a family.  

We have a house

Everything is going great. We are so excited that Eilidh’s dream is unfolding in front of our eyes. The kitchen is going in and the interior is taking shape. The views are just stunning.


More photographs, things are really taking shape and we are sooooo excited.

UV stable breathe membrane in place, timber battens on ready for the Siberian Larch cladding to be fitted, underfloor heating pipes installed internally and the installation of the floor screed is underway.

The Work Continues

We are so happy to share our latest photographs with you of Eilidh’s Dream.

Everything is coming along amazingly and we couldn’t be happier. The guys are doing a fantastic job, we love seeing every stage come together. There is still lots to do and a long way to go but we are very excited with the progress so far.

It looks like a House

Wow Wow Wow

Look at this, how amazing is Eilidh’s dream house. It is starting to take shape and looks absolutely incredible. John and his team are our heroes. We can not believe how quickly the house is taking shape and it is mind blowing to think that it won’t be long before we can help so many children and their families. Again thank you for all your support. It is so overwhelming to look at this beautiful and incredible building and know that it was made possible by so many people’s belief in us and their amazing fund raising efforts. Thank you will never be enough xxxx


We need your help. We would love to be voted to be Central FM Charity Partner but we need your help. We only have until 24th May to get as many votes as we can so please follow the link, vote and share the link with as many people as possible so we have a real chance of winning. This would be huge for us so please please vote NOW xx

This is Becoming Real

We are so excited to share these pictures with you. The initial stages were mainly preparation and ground work but now we can physically see the progress and everything is developing so quickly.

John and his team are doing an amazing job and we feel so blessed that he came on board.

The next few months are going to be incredible watching Eilidh’s dream house become real.

We thank all of you for helping us to get this far. We know we still have a lot to do and we will continue to need your help but look at what we’ve all achieved? Too amazing for words. Thank you xxx


Build Progress

We are so excited to finally have the builders on site. It has been a long process but Eilidh’s dream is now in its first stage of becoming a reality and we can begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. John McLeod and his workforce have started with the huge task of ground work. There is a lot to do as we need to channel all utilities to the site and the first job is to get a road in place. We will keep you posted with updates as things progress. Building is only the first phase of Eilidh’s dream. The next phase and arguably the most important is just starting now. We need to ensure that we continue to raise funds so we can reach out and welcome as many families as possible for 50 weeks of every year. This is going to take approximately £30,000 every year to achieve. We know you have shown unbelievable support up to now but we still need your help and so do thousands of children throughout the UK who are suffering every day. We can’t thank you enough for all the support and kindness that you have already shown us and we hope you will continue with us, on our journey, to make Eilidh’s dream of helping others become a reality.



Thank you to the Celtic Disabled Supporters Association

A massive thank you to the Celtic Disabled Supporters Association who raised a fantastic £250. We really appreciate it guys xx

Scribblers Picnic – Thank you

Thank you to Katy Whitelaw and her crew at The Scribblers Picnic, £2500, an amazing donation. You do a great job guys, it is a brilliant event. Thank you to everyone that was involved. We are so lucky to have such fantastic supporters. We are getting so close to the final figure needed to start the building work, thank you for helping make this happen.xx