Thank you to the Celtic Disabled Supporters Association

A massive thank you to the Celtic Disabled Supporters Association who raised a fantastic £250. We really appreciate it guys xx

Scribblers Picnic – Thank you

Thank you to Katy Whitelaw and her crew at The Scribblers Picnic, £2500, an amazing donation. You do a great job guys, it is a brilliant event. Thank you to everyone that was involved. We are so lucky to have such fantastic supporters. We are getting so close to the final figure needed to start the building work, thank you for helping make this happen.xx

Boozy Cow

A massive THANK YOU to the Boozy Cow, Stirling. They have supported 4 local charities and we have been lucky enough to be one of them. An incredible £12,500 donated. All of their profits go to local charities, how amazing is that? Great photo of Eilidh’s Mum and Dad.